reviving, not redoing

preserving talents & successes, creating value

Since 2012, Baltimore Revival has been helping companies restructure and grow their business by adding value through innovative operations restructuring and management and gaining access to new funding sources worldwide. Baltimore Revival cultivates improvement and growth in those elements that have limited the company in reaching its goals because of lack of specialized talent, access, structure or funding.

Companies that need help in restructuring, recuperating, funding and growing their business, frequently face vast reorganization, loss of talent, and radical changes. We believe in identifying strengths, talents, and viable practices in the business and building upon them. We believe in reviving and nurturing existing operations with value-add technological, operational and financial experiences and innovations.  

operations diagnostics

Any enterprise is a living system that must be adequately diagnosed before it is revived. Whether it is to identify existing areas for improvement or for building company-specific expansion model, Baltimore Revival dedicates significant time and resources to investigate and understand the industry, the market, the sector and the target business. Coupling the results of that investigation with prior experience and knowledge is vital for structuring a proper revival plan.

revival structuring

Many investment projects fail because funding is impulsively allocated to putting out fires or to expansion without the proper plan in place. Baltimore Revival integrates its in-depth diagnostic with a proprietary operations model for each project, form the most suitable executive or support team by cultivating target company’s existing talent and supplementing it with additional experts, and conduct pilot projects, all prior to starting to implement the recommended revival plan.

investment management

Securing funding and a plan is hardly enough – meticulous and experienced implementation is critical.  Baltimore Revival commits not only to helping the companies benefit from the most adequate financing mechanism, be it a loan structure, private equity allocation, or a strategic alliance, but also to participating in the operations management integrating the investment in the most appropriate fashion, as a reliable long-term operational partner for the target entity.